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Tips for Getting Your Boat Ready for Spring


With spring well on its way, it’s about time to start prepping your boat for the upcoming season. If you’ve had your model safely tucked away in storage, you’ll need to give it a little extra care and attention to make sure it’s ready to navigate your local waterways. For tips on how to prep your boat for spring, and keep it in good condition all season long, you’ll want to read through our helpful article below.


Your boat’s engine is one of its most sensitive components, and you’ll need to give it a thorough examination before you hit the open water. To start, we advise checking your boat’s various fluids, as well as reservoirs and hoses. If you notice a leak or signs of condensation in your tanks, your fluids likely need to be flushed and your hoses replaced. If you don’t see signs of a leak, but your fluids look dirty or extremely thick, we also advise replacing them before heading out this spring.


Batteries tend to struggle throughout the winter season due to cold temperatures and general disuse. If you haven’t had your boat’s battery hooked up to a trickle charge throughout the season it’s not unlikely that you’ll find it dead come spring. Be sure to grab a tester tool to see if your battery has any charge left, or if it’s able to hold a charge at all. If not, there’s nothing else you can do except simply replace it with a new one.


Once your engine is back in shape, you’ll want to give your boat a good dusting to remove any dirt or grime collected over time. Once the deck is swept and the windows are washed, go ahead and grab your hose and a sponge, and give your boat’s hull a good scrub. Afterward, we advise applying a new coat of wax to renew the protective seal on your model’s finish.

If you’ve removed your boat from winter storage only to realize it’s fallen into disrepair, we encourage you to visit one of our on-site service centers here in Rancho Cordova or Homewood, California. We proudly serve the cities of El Dorado Hills, Roseville, and Folsom, California, and our expert technicians will be happy to repair any issue you may have

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