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3 Safety Accessories You Need for Your Boat


If you’ve never owned a boat before, you may not realize that there are quite a few laws, rules, and restrictions regarding boat safety. Just like any other motorized vehicle, a boat needs to have certain paperwork proving ownership, follow certain driving laws while in the water, and have a number of pieces of safety equipment on board to ensure everyone’s well-being. To learn more about required boating safety accessories, and make sure you have everything you need for a safe boating trip, be sure to read our helpful guide below.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are required to be mounted and easily accessible on a boat to help prevent fires. However, the number of extinguishers on board—and how large they need to be— will vary depending on the size of your vessel. Before you choose an extinguisher for your boat, make sure to read up on your area’s local ordinances to see what’s required for your boat.

Personal Flotation Devices

There are quite a few different flotation devices out on the market, all coming in different shapes, sizes, and even buoyancies to fit consumer needs. To meet boating requirements, you’re required to purchase at least two personal flotation devices (PFDs) to have on board at all times, as well as a throwable option if your boat is over 16 feet in length. Wheel selecting your new PFD be sure to double-check that the device is well-fitted and buoyant enough to support you in the water. If you have more than two passengers at a time, you’ll need to ensure there is a PFD available for them before you leave the shore.

Distress Signals

While rules regarding distress signals can vary a bit depending on your area, generally speaking, you’ll be required to purchase at least two sound-making distress signals, as well as a distress signal that is visible at night. There is an extensive variety of signaling equipment for you to choose from, so you should have no problem finding one that fits your state or city’s regulations.

Having trouble finding all of the important safety accessories we’ve listed above? Thankfully, here at Superior Boat Repair & Sales, we offer an enormous inventory of boat gear, parts, and accessories for you to browse through. If you’re located nearby in El Dorado Hills, Roseville, or Folsom, California, feel free to stop by our convenient locations in Rancho Cordova and Homewood to find all the safety accessories you need!

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