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Cold-Weather Gear You Need for Your Next Boating Trip


Staying warm on a boat is no easy task! Water, wind, and rain will have you chilled to the bone in a matter of minutes without the proper gear. To make sure you’re prepped and ready for your next cold-weather boating trip, be sure to read our article detailing all the necessary gear.

Life Jacket vs Float Coat

If you’ve never heard of a float coat or flotation coat before, they act very similarly to a life jacket. However, while both flotation devices are designed to keep you from sinking in the water, a float coat also provides an extra layer of insulation. Unlike a life vest, float coats look similar to normal jackets and come with hoods and neoprene cuffs to protect you from the wind, rain, and cold water. If you plan on boating in cold temperatures this winter, we advise trading in your life jacket for a float coat before hitting local waterways. 

Survival Suits vs Dry Suits 

Dry suits and survival suits have very little in common, and very different purposes. However, because both devices are designed to keep you insulated and warm, those that are new to cold-weather boating often get confused. Unlike survival suits, dry suits stick close to the skin, keep moisture out, and are meant to be worn under other layers of clothing. These suits are often used for long periods of time and can actually be a bit difficult to get on and off. 

Survival suits on the other hand are meant to be quickly put on or taken off when the need arises. They are really only used in emergency situations, where the wearer expects to be fully immersed in freezing cold waters. If you’re an avid cold-weather boater, we strongly encourage you to purchase both suits. One to keep you warm on chilly days, and the other to protect you from hypothermia if an emergency arises. 

If you’re in need of any boating accessories or gear before you hit those chilly waters, be sure to visit one of our convenient locations in Rancho Cordova or Homewood, California! We proudly serve the nearby cities of El Dorado Hills, Roseville, and Folsom, California, and offer an impressive inventory of gear, accessories, and parts for sale here at Superior Boat Repair & Sales.

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