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Buying the Right Used Boat


Nothing beats cruising around or sailing in a boat of your very own, but boats are a pretty expensive investment, and finding one that meets all your needs is challenging. One of the best ways to stretch your dollar and expand your options in that regard is by buying a used boat—but how do you get the right match?

We here at Superior Boat Repair & Sales want to help you get the perfect vessel, so we’ve put together some tips for buying a used boat, below. To learn more, or to see the used boats we have for sale, contact our stores in Rancho Cordova and Homewood, California, today!

Build a Budget

Step one in any purchase process is to create a firm budget. Even a pre-owned boat is going to cost more money than most folks have on hand, so it’s usually best to build your budget around financing. That means a down payment that’s around 10-20% of the sticker price with the rest paid off in monthly installments with interest. 

Check to see how much money you have saved up to pay that down payment, and how much of your monthly income you can afford to spend on a boat. With that in mind, you can get started!

Do Research

One of the best things about a used boat is that it’s probably a model that’s been on the market a while. That means plenty of people have had time to use them and post reviews, both personal and professional. Look around online to settle on the type of boat you’re looking for, then check reviews for popular brands and models. You should take online reviews with a grain of salt, of course, but pay attention to trends that might indicate consistent issues or advantages.

Ask Questions

When you find a model you’re interested in and a seller, make sure to ask that seller any and every question you can think up, including:

  • What does the boat’s maintenance history/log look like?
  • How many previous owners has it had?
  • Have there been any parts replaced?
  • When is the next recommended service visit?

Inspect and Test Drive

If you like the answers to those questions, you’ll want to inspect the boat for yourself. Look for obvious warning signs like damage, rust or corrosion, mold or mildew, rot, and other serious problems. After that, if you’re still interested, ask to take the boat for a test drive to make sure it functions properly and to see how it feels on the water.

Ready to get started? Contact us at Superior Boat Repair & Sales for more information, or to see the used boats we have in stock. We proudly serve the people of El Dorado Hills, Roseville, and Folsom, California—let us serve you today!

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