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2 Easy Hitch Knots for First-Time Boaters


Before you head out into open waters be sure you’ve got a few hitch knots in your arsenal so your boat doesn’t end up floating out to sea. For step-by-step instructions on how to tie 3 easy hitch knots, you can read our article below. Or, if you’re still looking for the perfect boat, you can visit one of our dealerships in Rancho Cordova and Homewood, California!

Cleat Hitch 

A cleat hitch is the most common hitch knot and arguably the most effective! Begin by locating one of your boat’s cleats and looping the rope around the base. Take the end of the rope that is on top of the other and throw it over the top of the cleat. This should not undo your initial loop. Once the rope is over the top of the cleat pull it under the nearest horn and up over the top once again. Keeping the rope over the top of the cleat, pinch the ends together to create a loop. Twist it once and place the loop over the horn you haven’t already wrapped with the rope before pulling it tightly

Clove Hitch 

If you don’t have a cleat available, this knot can be used on any fixture. However, the line will need constant pressure or pull to keep the knot intact. To start you can find the nearest railing and loop your rope around it. Once the two ends have crossed, take one end of the rope and loop it around the railing again. Pull this same end through the loop you just created and your knot is finished! 

We encourage you to practice these knots at home before docking your ship for the first time. If you’re in need of any boating accessories, repairs, or parts and are located in El Dorado Hills,  Roseville, or Folsom, California we hope you’ll visit us at Superior Boat Repair & Sales!

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