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Why Buy a New Boat?


While both new and used boats come with their fair share of benefits, a new boat is often the safer choice. These models come with all-new equipment and are guaranteed to last a lifetime with the right care. However, if you’re having trouble deciding between a new and a used model we encourage you to check out our list of pros and cons below! No matter what boat you chose to go with, you can find a high-quality model here at Superior Boat Repair & Sales.


One of the best things about buying a brand-new boat are the included warranties! These often come from the manufacturer and often allow you to receive repairs and replacement parts at no extra expense. While there are stipulations to the warranty’s coverage, it’s an extremely helpful tool to have, and can last for a number of years after your initial purchase.  


Maintenance for a boat isn’t always easy, and keeping your model in good condition can require quite a bit of work. With a used boat, you’re starting off with equipment that has already received its fair share of wear and tear, and it won’t be long before various parts need replacing. While a new boat may cost more in sticker price, it may end up saving you quite a bit of money in maintenance and repairs.

Why Buy Used?


While there are a few benefits that come with owning a used boat, the most apparent is the overall cost. Used boats will always come at a fraction of the price that a new one would, despite being in great condition or even relatively new. When shopping for a used boat, it’s also quite easy to find models from high-quality brands and manufacturers at very low prices. Other expenses, such as insurance and loan rates will also be much lower on average. Even your boat’s value will depreciate at a much slower rate, simply because you bought it used. 

When you’re ready to grab your new boat, feel free to visit us here in Rancho Cordova or Homewood, California! We offer an amazing inventory of new and used models for sale, and proudly serve the nearby cities of El Dorado Hills, Roseville, and Folsom, California.

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