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The Full Costs of Owning a Boat


Boating can be exciting, thrilling, relaxing, profitable, and a mix of any of those, but to own your own boat can be quite a financial investment. Like with any big purchase, it’s important to understand the full cost beforehand.

We here at Superior Boat Repair & Sales want to help you feel confident going forward, so we’ve put together a brief guide to the full cost of owning a boat, below. To learn more, or to see the new boats we have for sale, contact our stores in Rancho Cordova and Homewood, California, today!

Sticker Price

Of course, you’ll need to include the sticker price in this formula. The price tag may vary depending on model size, type, age, and whether or not you’re buying it just before or during prime boating season. Larger boats, more advanced models, new boats, and purchases in the spring and summer may cost more.


You’ll want to make sure your boat is covered by insurance, both for liability and damage. Costs may be around 1.5% of the boat’s value, but that can vary depending on the area you’re boating in and your own history. You may also want to invest in warranties when you buy the boat, which can also add up.


Registration fees in California can vary based on the year of the sale, whether you’re a resident or not, and for late registration. Renewal fees vary as well.


You’ll need to keep regular upkeep in mind. Owners tend to spend about 10% of a boat’s sticker price on annual maintenance, including replacing broken parts and repainting the hull. Boats with engines will have extra costs and will need fuel, oil changes, and other repairs as well.


Unless you can leave your boat in the water all year, you’ll need a place to store it. If you have room in a garage or shed, you’ll still need a cover to keep pests and dust away. If you don’t, you’ll have to pay for a storage facility or risk leaving it outside.

Boat Trailer

Boats kept out of the water will need transportation to and from the marina, which means a boat trailer is necessary. Even used models can run you hundreds of dollars, and you’ll have to register and maintain the trailer as well.

Safety Gear

You’ll need a well-fitted life jacket for every single person who boards your boat, which cost an average of $70 each. Kids grow fast and will need larger sizes as they get larger, so you should also have a few extras of various sizes on hand. Make sure to have a safety kit with a horn, flares, fire extinguisher, and first-aid kit, which may cost an extra $100.

Other Accessories

You may also want additional accessories like a depth finder or speaker system. Try to factor these in as well.

Contact us at Superior Boat Repair & Sales for more information, or to see our new boat selection. We proudly serve El Dorado Hills, Roseville, and Folsom, California—let us serve you today!

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